Chattanooga Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

I gave myself about a week to recover and gather my thoughts about CFF 2022. Over the six days I watched twenty-three films and sixty-one short films. That’s on top of the special events that I watched. I came away from this year’s fest feeling pretty good about everything. Before I talk about everything I watched I really want to mention the Godzilla talk that Graham Skipper did. He took Grady Hendrix’s place as the Saturday talk that convinced me to buy a book, which is because of the fact he wrote the book on Godzilla. He worked with Toho on the definitive book on the Godzilla franchise.

There were movies that I watched during the festival that I didn’t review because I wanted to have some movies just for me. The movies Pussycake and Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes were two of those movies. I loved both of them so much but in two very different ways. Pussycake is the kind of movie that you put on for people to see if you can have fun with them. Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes is the kind of movie you watch with someone then talk about it afterwards. Both completely different experiences and both surprised the hell outta me. I know I talked about The Leech and how much I loved it but I don’t know if I was able to properly say how much I loved The Ones You Didn’t Burn. Night Shift, Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters, and Gateway were all absolutely fantastic as well. I have reviews for most everything I watched on my blog.

The shorts I loved this year were pretty goofy. My two favorites were Meat Friend and High Horse and they both spoke to my two very different sense of humor. Meat Friend was an absurd surreal short that would have fit in with something on adult swim. High Horse is not quite as absurd but more slapstick. 54 Miles to Home was a powerful short about the Birmingham march. 7 Minutes in Hell was one of many fantastic short horror movies that I had the honor of seeing. Coherence: A Band Called Desire was really cool but all of the songs have been stuck in my head since I watched it. Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes is a delightful short that tells you what to expect with the title. There were so many shorts that I loved and if you have a chance to see any of them, I recommend seeing as many of them as you can. I have recaps of the different blocks in my blog and that would be an easier way of seeing them.

There were so many features and shorts that I wasn’t able to get to but I’m glad I was able to see the ones I was able to. The variety of both that I was able to see was even more astounding to me than it was last year. I believe next year is going to be a mixed festival rather than an all virtual one. If so I look forward to seeing the people that I’ve had fun meeting the last two years. I’ll go ahead and rate this year’s CFF 12 Rick Rolls out of 10.


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