Red State

Red State is a movie that I have been wanting to revisit recently. It isn’t just because I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan but it’s mostly because I wanted to see how scary it would feel with the country the way it is now. I had quite the time finding it when I started lookingContinue reading “Red State”

The Last Duel

I’m going back to my catch up from last year. The Last Duel was one of the many movies that I wanted to see but didn’t get a chance to. I didn’t initially know much about the movie when I first started seeing previews for the movie. I was surprised that the movie was basedContinue reading “The Last Duel”

Mom and Dad

This was a movie that I had wanted to see since it came out, but through my own slowness about watching movies it would leave services before I would get a chance to see it. I had heard plenty of buzz about the movie when it first came out. I’m glad that I was finallyContinue reading “Mom and Dad”

Peacemaker Episode 4

Episode four of Peacemaker deals with the fallout of what happened in episode three. It also has the title of “The Choad Less Traveled” We learn that Auggie Smith’s nickname of White Dragon isn’t just a nickname but his supervillain name. You see his intimidating uniform in the same room where Peacemaker gets his helmets.Continue reading “Peacemaker Episode 4”


I continue on with my catchup from last year with another movie that I heard a lot about when it was initially released as well as some continued buzz months after. Pig is so much more that what I had heard it described as. I had originally heard it described as John Wick but forContinue reading “Pig”

Starship Troopers

This was my first time watching Starship Troopers in years. I saw that it was leaving the Starz app and thought that I would give it a watch. This is also the first time watching the movie since I heard a story about a guy I know that involves the movie and I will leaveContinue reading “Starship Troopers”


I’m still trying to do a little bit of a catchup with some of the horror movies from last year. This time I go to a Shudder exclusive that I heard buzz about when it first came out. Son was a good movie that came out last year, but kind of got lost in theContinue reading “Son”


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