Firestarter (2022)

I hadn’t realized it until it was pointed out, but Firestarter hadn’t really been promoted much. I had made it a point to watch the 80s adaptation but also to read the novel. As a Stephen King fan with ample time, I wanted to make sure that I was full prepared for the new adaptationContinue reading “Firestarter (2022)”

Halo: The Series Episode 8 – “Allegiance”

The penultimate episode of season one of Halo the Series shakes everything up. While the previous episode tied up a lot of the loose ends of the Kwan and Soren storyline, this episode frays any thread that wasn’t already tied up. The way everything is left in this episode feels like it should either beContinue reading “Halo: The Series Episode 8 – “Allegiance””

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I don’t think that I could have watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on a better day than on Mother’s Day. I have you think that Marvel’s plan of releasing it when they did because of that. I was also kind of worried about Multiverse of Madness when it was announced that ScottContinue reading “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Outcast Volume 7 “The Darkness Grows”

Good lord, volume seven of Outcast is titled “The Darkness Grows” which is an apt name. These issues were all about the build up to the final confrontation between the two sides. The title works well because both sides grow but the dark side grows at a greater rate. The dark side is shown toContinue reading “Outcast Volume 7 “The Darkness Grows””

Episode 2 of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs – Walpurgisnacht

This week’s episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs had the theme of sexy witches. That was the main clue for the guessing game, sexy witches thirty years apart. Even though I wasn’t sure enough to guess but I did convince myself that one of the movies would be Hellbender. I wasContinue reading “Episode 2 of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs – Walpurgisnacht”

Halo the Series Episode 7 – Inheritance

The newest episode of Halo ties up a lot of the loose ends from the Kwan Ha storyline. I’ve been pretty open about this storyline being my least favorite part of the show. This episode made the inclusion of the storyline make so much more sense than when the show started. You are shown what’sContinue reading “Halo the Series Episode 7 – Inheritance”

Moon Knight Finale – Gods and Monsters

The final episode of Moon Knight is titled “Gods and Monsters”, which is a fitting title with everything that happens in the episode. This episode also continues my need for more Taweret in my life. Since her introduction at the end of episode four she has been a delight in my opinion. “Gods and Monsters”Continue reading “Moon Knight Finale – Gods and Monsters”