Catching the Last Train Excerpt 2

I’m putting the second part of the story up. I don’t know how many people have heard the first part but I’m still putting this part up. Enjoy. Somebody had positioned it where the neck was pressed against the wooden fence. The body was on its knees with the hands against the fence her palmsContinue reading “Catching the Last Train Excerpt 2”

The Last of Us Episode 3

“Long Long Time” is an emotionally devastating seventy-five minutes of television. I thought that I knew what I was in for with this episode. This was the biggest change from the source material and I wasn’t prepared for where the story went. I think the change was for the better in the long run. TheContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 3”

The Lair

I really wanted to like The Lair as I started it. As I mentioned in my Hellboy review I’m a big fan of Neil Marshall, but I didn’t much care for this movie. The story is very similar to Death Valley, which I reviewed last year, but the biggest difference is the characters. In TheContinue reading “The Lair”

The Last of Us Episode 2

“Infected”, the second episode of The Last of Us, solidifies the main difference between the show and the video game that its based on. That difference is the primary threat , which in the series is the infected rather than the FEDRA forces like in the video game. That change is shown in several ways.Continue reading “The Last of Us Episode 2”


I was able to avoid spoilers for M3GAN in the two weeks since its release. I also felt like the longer I waited to see it the more hype was built up for it. I was finally able to see M3GAN and it still surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to have as much heart asContinue reading “M3GAN”

Sorry About the Demon

I knew absolutely nothing about Sorry About the Demon except it was produced by Paper Street Pictures and would be added to Shudder. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the movie that you have to go into the movie blind, because it wouldn’t spoil everything about it. I found myself enjoying the movie moreContinue reading “Sorry About the Demon”

The Last of Us Episode 1

The Last of Us was one of the few games that I played during my short time of having a PlayStation 3. That was shortly after the original release of the game, I have to be that specific because it’s been remade and remastered several times since the initial release. The story stuck with meContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 1”


Possession is not an easy film to watch. I mean that in multiple ways, since I’m not sure if it’s been on a streaming service before and well its just a movie you need to ponder on. It has been a movie that’s been on my radar since I first learned about it six orContinue reading “Possession”

The Menu

I was expecting something completely different from the trailers for The Menu. I thought it would be an action thriller where Anya Taylor-Joy’s character was going to take down a cabal of cannibal chefs and save their newest batch of would-be victims. That’s not what this movie is, The Menu is a an enjoyable butContinue reading “The Menu”

New Year’s Evil

I wanted to watch a movie for New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day and the first movie that came to mind was New Year’s Evil. I had never seen it and I don’t think I’ll watch it again after this. I know the movie has its fans, but I am not one of them. The pacingContinue reading “New Year’s Evil”

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