Death Valley

I had put off watching Death Valley for a few months, but I didn’t really have a reason other than I kept seeing other movies that I knew more about. I decided to watch it since I thought it would go along with the loose theme of action movies I’ve been doing all most ofContinue reading “Death Valley”

The Gray Man

I had put off watching The Gray Man as I had hoped to watch it around the same time as Bullet Train because I wanted to watch a few newer action movies together. I did end up watching them pretty close together. They ended up sharing something in common that surprised me, which was beingContinue reading “The Gray Man”


I had wanted to see Mohawk for some time, mostly because I was a huge fan of Ted Geoghegan’s first movie We Are Still Here. About the time I was originally going to watch it Jon Huber ended up passing away and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to properly watch it without crying.Continue reading “Mohawk”


They/Them ended up sneaking up on me. I hadn’t even watched the trailer but that’s mostly because I had never had a chance to see it anywhere other than my phone. I went in only learning it had to do with a gay conversion camp and I learned that from the Peacock synopsis. I justContinue reading “They/Them”


I would like to say that Prey kicks a whole lotta ass. I had high hopes for it as soon as I started seeing reviews for it being so positive. I went in thinking I would see a fun movie, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good it would be. Prey is a movieContinue reading “Prey”


I was emailed by Luca Paris about reviewing Denkraum earlier this week. I was intrigued by what I was told so I decided to watch the movie. I really enjoyed Denkraum as I watched it. The unsettling tone of the movie helped the mystery that went throughout the movie really take hold of me. IContinue reading “Denkraum”


I had never seen Popcorn before, but I remembered seeing the VHS cover growing up. The cover never piqued my interest enough for me to rent it but it was enough for me to remember it. I saw that it was on Shudder and finally watched it after having it on my watchlist for aContinue reading “Popcorn”


I didn’t know anything about Allegoria before it was put on Shudder. I found out that it was directed by Spider One at the same time as I learned it was being put on Shudder. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the movie. I was surprised by it being horror rather than sci-fi mostlyContinue reading “Allegoria”

Rapid Fire

I love Rapid Fire. I’ll put it simply because I’ve seen it over two dozen times, and I enjoy it so much. I hadn’t seen it in over a decade and I caught things I hadn’t noticed before. I think this is a criminally underseen action movie. I think it gets overshadowed in Brandon Lee’sContinue reading “Rapid Fire”

The Night Watchmen

I love The Night Watchmen so much. This is a movie that I watched before I started doing this blog and it was a movie that I decided to watch on a whim one night as I had trouble sleeping. I was a fan of the movie as soon as it really got going. ItContinue reading “The Night Watchmen”

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