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Breathing Happy

Breathing Happy is a work of art and a force of nature of a film. I’m still kind of trying to process what I saw but I wanted to get a review out for it as soon as I could. I made that decision about halfway through the movie because it can make you laughContinue reading “Breathing Happy”

The Timekeepers of Eternity

The Timekeepers of Eternity peeked my interest when I heard it was a retelling of The Langoliers, but I wasn’t aware of what was going on with it until starting it. Aristotelis Maragkos was able to repurpose footage from the original adaptation of The Langoliers and make it even more unsettling that it was originally.Continue reading “The Timekeepers of Eternity”

CFF 2022 Salutes Your Shorts

The Salutes Your Shorts block for this year at the Chattanooga Film Festival is fantastic. There are shorts that deal with some heavy stuff and thankfully they’re intermixed with some irreverent shorts as you can have a breather between them.  The block has nine movies that are Reklaw, Am I The Tub?, Wild Card, Dirtbag,Continue reading “CFF 2022 Salutes Your Shorts”

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