Chattanooga Film Festival 2023 First Wave

There’s a lot of information about the Chattanooga Film Festival 2023 that makes up the First Wave for the festival this year. It’s a hybrid festival with a few dates in person and even more dates virtually. There’s a handful of events that are happening in person that you’ll not want to miss if youContinue reading “Chattanooga Film Festival 2023 First Wave”

Chattanooga Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

I gave myself about a week to recover and gather my thoughts about CFF 2022. Over the six days I watched twenty-three films and sixty-one short films. That’s on top of the special events that I watched. I came away from this year’s fest feeling pretty good about everything. Before I talk about everything IContinue reading “Chattanooga Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up”

The Creeping

I decided to end my Chattanooga Film Festival 2022 with The Creeping and it was an incredibly strong movie to finish it with. I had heard buzz about it from other people on the discord server for the festival. I had trouble finding the right time to watch it until the extended day, which gaveContinue reading “The Creeping”

Giving Birth to a Butterfly

Giving Birth to a Butterfly is a fantastic movie. The name kind of implied that it could possibly be some kind of Cronenbergian body horror movie but instead it’s a Lynchian family drama, which I ended up digging a lot. You get a sense of who these characters are and what they want, you especiallyContinue reading “Giving Birth to a Butterfly”

Dangerous Visions Blocks 1 & 2 – CFF 2022

Both of these blocks were so amazing that I wanted to put them together in one recap. I loved so many shorts in both of these blocks. Part 1 was: Swole Ghost, Community Service, The Sweet Spot, Trash Life, 7 Minutes in Hell, Sucker, Livin’ After Midnight, Streamer Stalker, Off Limits, Smile, Box, The Woodsman,Continue reading “Dangerous Visions Blocks 1 & 2 – CFF 2022”

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters was originally going to be the first thing I watched at this years Chattanooga Film Festival, but it wasn’t available until Monday night. It was something that I knew I had to see because I’m a fan of not only the Hellboy comics but also the movies as well. I knowContinue reading “Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters”