The Final Girl Support Group

I was lucky enough to catch Grady Hendrix’s presentation at the Chattanooga Film Festival. It was about The Final Girl Support Group and I found it so interesting and entertaining that it made me want to read not only what the presentation was about but other things Grady Hendrix has written. This is also theContinue reading “The Final Girl Support Group”

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

The final movie of the Chattanooga Film Fest was Broadcast Signal Intrusion. I didn’t really know anything about the movie aside from it had a kid from Glee in it. It was yet another movie that just blew me away with how good it is. It was directed by Jacob Gentry and written by PhilContinue reading “Broadcast Signal Intrusion”

WTF (Watch These Films) – CFF 2021 Short Block

This block of shorts might be my favorite block of all. It is another block of 16 shorts and they are outstanding. They are Hold Music!, With Pleasure, Thin Blue Variety Show, Good Head, The Story of Dirk and Chip, Optic Nerve, Breaking Up for the Modern Girl, Still Together, My Dinner with Werner, HarmoniaContinue reading “WTF (Watch These Films) – CFF 2021 Short Block”

Secret Screening #3

The third secret screening of the festival was Black Medusa. I really wasn’t sure what I was in for as it started. In the festival discord I saw a description of Promising Young Tunisian Woman, which intrigued because I have only heard positive things about Promising Young Woman even thought I’ve not had a chanceContinue reading “Secret Screening #3”

Schoolhouse Rocks CFF Student Filmmakers Short Block

The Schoolhouse Rocks short block was outstanding. It was sponsored by EPB Fiber Optics this year. The block is made up of student filmmakers from all over the world. The block was Loyalty, Ruby Days, Erebus, Fading Dream, The Punishment, Between the Headphones, Pine Mountain Overnight, Exit, The Nation, and Where No One Will FindContinue reading “Schoolhouse Rocks CFF Student Filmmakers Short Block”

Dangerous Visions – CFF 2021 Mind Expanding Shorts

All 8 of these shorts are something else. They go from mindbendy to trippy and back and forth and beyond. The shorts are Dunning Kruger, Odyssey, Body of the Mined, Lose It, Denervation, Deep Learning, Next Time, and Hey, It’s Me. Dunning Kruger was bizarre. I honest feel like I can’t do it justice andContinue reading “Dangerous Visions – CFF 2021 Mind Expanding Shorts”