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The First Purge is the most political of the Purge series so far, which is saying something since the third one was called Election Year. Its also the most socially relevant with the talk of unemployment and social status. The depictions of violence perpetuated by people dressed as police officers is even more relevant in the climate of the past year and a half. It was directed by Gerard McMurray and written by James DeMonaco, who has written all of the movies and even the TV show.

I just want to say that Y’lan Noel deserves to be an action star. He shows that he has both the look and ability to do it. Lex Scott Davis as Nya is a badass. She is a take no shit from anyone woman. Together they have an interesting screen chemistry, there’s a pushback between the two. You know that they care for each other even with the friction that there is between the two. The entire cast is great, there are even some interesting cameos by people that surprised me.

The plot is kind of told in the title. It’s about the first time there is a purge and how it is alternatively called “The Experiment” and “The Purge”. You get to see a few hours before, it says two hours but it feels like longer, and then just a few moments after it ends.

I do want to point out that the design, both set and costume, throughout this movie is outstanding. The makeup is also really well done. All of the masks and the prosthetics used on Skeletor are used for maximum creepiness. Which is helped by Rotimi Paul playing Skeletor masterfully.

It is currently available on FXM to watch for free so if you happen to have that you’re in luck. You can of course rent or buy it on your preferred digital storefront.

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