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The Purge series keeps getting better with each of the movies. I will go ahead and let anyone reading this know that I’ve actually already written the review for the next movie because I inadvertently started watching the series in chronological order, aside from the series. Election Year is the perfect way to cap off the first arc of The Purge series. The movies after seem to be more of snapshots of the world throughout the timeline. This was also the last movie what was written and directed by James DeMonaco, as far as I know because I’m not sure about The Forever Purge.

Frank Grillo is back and this time his character has a proper name. He plays Leo Barnes, which is a first for the series having a lead character return for a subsequent movie. Edwin Hodge also returns and his character finally has a name, it only took three movies. He returns as Dante Bishop having taken up the crusade that Michael K William’s Carmelo Jones from the previous movie. The story also follows Joe, played by Mykelti Williamson, and Marcos, played by Joseph Julian Soria, while they deal with pre-purge issues. Betty Gabriel plays Laney Rucker, one of the last leads and the one that rounds out the trio of normal people. I say normal people because aside from Leo Barnes final lead is Senator Charlie Roan, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. The plot centers on her and her presidential run and her platform being anti-purge.

I do want to talk about how political these movies are. They started out kind of being darkly satirical but they switched from being just that at some point. I can’t really explain it but some of the stuff that happens takes on a new light in the recent administration and the things that have happened earlier this year. The ending of this movie talking about followers looting and attacking cops feels surreal.

The production design for the series continues to just knock it out of the park. The FX teams also bring everything that they can to the series. The practical effects people, who I guess are responsible, knock it out of the park for masks that people have in the movie. The masks keep getting crazier as the series goes.

The Purge Election Year continues the series getting better and more political. The series gets better at it goes in my opinion. I was able to catch it on the FXM movie channel. If you don’t have that you can rent or buy it either physically or through your preferred digital storefront.

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