Scenes from an Empty Church (CFF Night 1)

This was an incredibly poignant film. I was moved by the way that it tackled not only the pandemic but also faith. The lead character being a priest that was Jewish by birth but catholic by choice was an interesting take on a priest with a crisis of faith. Both priests in the film actually have crises of faith and both are kinds that I’ve never seen before. The “dueling banjos but with bible verses” scene was a standout scene that shows the playfulness of the three main characters as well as the differences they have in how the view the world and their faith.

Craig Bierko as The Sinner is astonishingly unsetting in a small role. His scene stuck with me not only through the rest of the movie but also the rest of the night. Kevin Corrigan as Father Andrew anchors the movie with help from Thomas Jay Ryan as Father James and Max Casella as Paul. I look forward to seeing the buzz that Scenes from an Empty Church gets as the year goes on.

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