Teddy (CFF Night 1)

I will start this out by saying the only negative thing I can say about this movie, I was disappointed that it wasn’t a werebear. I thought that they were going for a tongue in cheek thing with the name of the movie and the monster. If that’s the only negative thing to say about a movie it’s definitely a good thing. That being said this is one of the most original werewolf movies I’ve seen in quite some time. I would say that its on par with Ginger Snaps in term of originality.

The titular character is a slacker and troublemaker, which is a special kind of mixture of traits. The actors that played Teddy and Rebecca both have very distinctive looks. I’m staying away from names because I’m not familiar with French cinema and I’m bad at typing special characters. This is coming to Shudder later this Summer and you should check it out when it does because I know I’ll be giving it at least one more watch when it does.

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