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I don’t feel like there’s any single word that I can say to properly convey my thoughts on the ending of Chucky. The first season does an amazing job of not only bringing in new people to the franchise but also paying respect to where it has come from. I had to wait for Chucky to come to Peacock because I don’t have cable, so I wasn’t able to see it week to week. I did see the first episode because it was put on YouTube for free, but after that I got too far behind to be able to keep up.

One of my favorite things about not only Chucky but the franchise as a whole is that Don Mancini has been able to make it all have a singular storyline throughout the franchise. The fact that he has been the writer on all of the movies makes it have a singular voice, no matter who the director is. Him being able to translate his vision for the character of Chucky to television so well is fantastic.

The cast is fantastic, with a lot of them being younger actors. Of the young cast I had only ever seen one before. Alyvia Alyn Lind was the only one of the main cast that I had seen previously. All of the main cast is outstanding, and I look forward to seeing what they do next. I also hope that the next season continues the same story. Brad Dourif is of course the voice of Chucky and he’s so much fun because he’s playing a different Chucky than in the movies. This Chucky has a plan outside of just killing or finding a new body. Fiona Dourif, Devon Sawa, and Jennifer Tilly are all fantastic in the series. Devon Sawa gets to play twins, which was fun to have double the Sawa for a bit.

The plot of Chucky takes up two weeks after the last movie in the franchise, Cult of Chucky, and even though there are some timeline inconsistencies it didn’t really matter. It centers on Jake Wheeler who is a shy bullied teen as he finds a Good Guy doll at a yard sale. Jake struggles with how everyone around him treats him for being gay. His father refuses to accept it while his cousin bullies him for it. Chucky starts to try to make Jake take out his anger on those around him, especially his bullies. As the season goes along legacy characters from the movies pop in and makes the story go interesting places.

One of my favorite things about the credits at the end of the episodes is cast listing. Each episode has the puppeteers of Chucky listed as members of the cast. That just makes me so happy because they’re such an integral part of the show that it makes sense. What they’re able to do while performing is masterful. The CG works is also really good. The score and music for the show is fantastic. I also want to mention the title screens for each episode, because they’re amazing.

Chucky continues the story from the movies and sets things up for the franchise to go into interesting places. It having been renewed for a second season is so fantastic. I’m not entirely sure how long we’ll have to wait for the second season , but I’ll gladly wait for it. I give Chucky season 1 10 Truck full of dolls.

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