Hawkeye Episode 5 – Ronin

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I would like to begin with a Son of a Bitch, which I exclaimed loudly to myself at the end of the episode. I really feel like I should begin with that since I feel like that’s my only real response to the reveal at the end of the episode. Episode 5 of Hawkeye is titled Ronin and it makes sense because of the use of that persona. Bert and Bertie have been knocking it out of the park these last few episodes.

This episode connects everything and points it toward the finale coming next week. This might be the least Pizza Dog we’ve gotten in an episode, but what we do get is touching. You get to see what happened to Yelena in the snap and blip. Maya continues her quest for revenge against Ronin, but Clint tells her about what really happened the night they first encountered each other. This causes Maya to question everything.

The ending is something else. You get a grainy photo of the man that was previously mentioned as Uncle. You see him in a picture with Kate’s mother, who is the person that hired Yelena. This leaves a lot of things up in the air for the finale. Clint continues to struggle with everything that happened during Endgame. He continues to mourn Natasha while dealing with what he did during the snap.

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