Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

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Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan is honestly not great. It commits the crime that horror movies, especially slashers, should never commit. That is being boring, There is so much time between kills for the most part. There are several kills and then you spend time with the characters, which are either incredibly unlikable or boring. This is the entry in the franchise that has done the worst in theaters to date.

Jason Takes Manhattan was written and directed by Rob Hedden. It stars Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves, Barbara Bingham, Peter Mark Richman, Kelly Hu, and Ace. Kane Hodder is back as Jason in this movie. He brings back the same physicality and intensity that he always brings to Jason. Even though Jason had a somewhat different there is no change in how Hodder plays him. Jensen Daggett is the final girl, and is one of the few that isn’t blonde.

Jason Takes Manhattan is barely in Manhattan. It starts in Crystal Lake at some point in time after the previous movie. Jason is still at the bottom of the lake, though that changes when he’s revived by an anchor and a powerline. He kills then kills the two people on the boat that revived him. He stows away on the cruise that is going on for the high school graduates. This is the only movie in the franchise in which there are kills that aren’t done by Jason. This also features the only person to actually physically fight Jason, even though Ginny did kick Jason in the dick. Julius does get one of the most iconic deaths in the franchise. The movie ends with Jason dying from toxic waste in the sewer, and Rennie and Sean surviving and Toby the dog finding them.

The effects are pretty great in Jason Take Manhattan, which is pretty on par for the franchise as a whole. Jason has a sheen of slime on him then entire movie, which adds to the grime of the movie. The kills are pretty cool, except one which is just someone being strangled. Though they are lifted up in the air while being strangled. The music for the movie was done by Fred Mollin, who has taken over completely from Manfredini. The music is pretty okay. Its different enough but not necessarily for the best.

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan is definitely a low point in the series. That being said there are some high points in the movie that makes it less of a trudge. Its available to stream on Starz or to rent/buy through your digital storefront of preference.

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