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Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood was the first of the series that I saw. The opening recap does an amazing job of not only being a recap but also building up the legend of Jason Voorhees. When 8 year old Michael saw it for the first time the opening made me have a nightmare. I still vaguely remember the nightmare, it was similar to the opening recap of the movie. It also had to have a lot of the gore cut because of the rating originally being X.

The New Blood was directed by John Carl Buechler. It was written by Manuel Fidello and Daryl Haney. It stars Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Susan Blu, and Terry Kiser. This is also the first of movie in which Kane Hodder plays Jason. Hodder’s version of Jason has such a physicality that it makes sense that he can rip off arms. The first time I saw The New Blood I didn’t recognize Terry Kiser, even though I was a fan of the Weekend at Bernie’s movies.  Lar Park Lincoln plays the kind of weepy final girl, though she does become a badass near the end of the movie.

The New Blood takes place some number of years after Jason Lives. Tina accidentally kills her father at the house on Crystal Lake. She goes back to the house some years later, with her mother and her doctor. Her doctor is “helping” her while also threatening her with being institutionalized. Beside the Shepard house is a house that’s filled with teens holding a surprise party for a friend that is arriving later. One of the teens, Nick, is immediately infatuated with Tina. Tina uses her psychic powers to revive Jason while trying to do that to her father. Jason immediately goes on a killing spree, slowly working his way through the teens in the party house. Two of the last people that he kills are the non-Jason antagonists of the movie, Dr. Crews and Melissa. Tina throws a lot of things at Jason to stop him, including an entire porch. Jason is defeated by Tina’s father, who drags him back down into the lake. I remembered Mr. Shephard being less muddy and more monstrous, but that’s probably because I hadn’t seen it in a while.

I wasn’t entirely sure what mechanical effects were when I saw the credit for them though after watching the movie I realized that it was the stuff that was done by Tina’s telekinetic powers. The effects were great in the movie, but when the director is John Carl Buechler I would expect nothing less. Even with a lot of the kills being cut down, they look great. There are ways that you can see the cut footage of the kills, even if the footage isn’t the same quality as the film. The score was actually done by Harry Manfredini and Fred Mollin. The score has a different feel to it, which comes from the other person scoring it.

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood is awesome. Even if it isn’t the best of the series, it is most definitely worth a watch. There’s so much for a horror fan to like. You can find it streaming on Starz or to rent/buy through your digital storefront of preference.

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