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Jason X was the result of the long struggle to get Freddy vs Jason to get made. It would still take two years for that to get made. Jason X came after an almost decade long dormancy for the franchise, thanks to the less than stellar performance of the last two entries. It also fixes a lot of the issues with the previous entries, mostly being boring and not having Jason in it. While not the best movie, it is really fun and more like the traditional slashers than the last movie. It mostly functions like a standalone movie, especially since there’s no mention of Goes to Hell at all.

Jason X was directed by Jim Isaac. It was written by Todd Farmer. This is the last of the franchise to star Kane Hodder as Jason. He at least got to go out on a high note when it comes to the franchise. It stars Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Melyssa Ade, and Peter Mensah. This movie shares some of the cast with the syndicated sci-fi show Andromeda. It doesn’t really have a traditional final girl, the closest is Lexa Doig’s character since Kay-Em is technically an android. There’s also a cameo by David Cronenberg, which I thought was a one time thing. Though I learned that wasn’t the case with Nightbreed.

Jason X starts in 2008 with Jason captured and locked up by the military. The lead scientist, Rowan, is looking to cryogenically freeze Jason but her higher ups are looking to transfer Jason to a facility in Scranton. That led me to think of Jason in The Office, which is a fun thought. Jason gets loose and kills everyone but Rowan. She freezes him, but gets frozen as well. They are both taken from the room that they were frozen in by students on a field trip to Earth. Jason and Rowan were frozen for 445 years, and the Earth has become barren and lifeless. Jason comes back to life as a couple of the students have sex. He actually wakes up and Kinsa reaches climax. Jason kills a lot of people, which includes everyone on a space station. Jason is destroyed by Kay-Em, but is regenerated by nanomachines. This leads to Uber Jason and he wreaks havoc as the rest of the crew try to escape the exploding ship. Jason is burnt up entering the atmosphere of Earth-2.

The practical effects in this movie look great. The CG effects look incredibly dated, but that’s how any CG effects from this time look that way. They have aged poorly because of how much everything had improved since. Harry Manfredini returned for this movie and the score is just as good as ever. I do have to talk about the two different designs of Jason. The first design is the most Kane Hodder looking of any of the designs. Uber Jason really looks like a killing machine. Emphasis on machine in this form.

Jason X is one of the most fun movies in the franchise. You should just go in expecting to see some awesome kills. Its available on HBO Max or to rent/buy on your preferred digital storefront.

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