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I really liked Loki as a whole. I feel like Thor: The Dark World was basically just used to have some character growth for Loki. When you see Loki’s true reaction to Frigga’s death. It showed that he did in fact care, at the very least, about her even though he had been saying otherwise. That really started him on his redemption arc that ended in Infinity War. The time travel madness in Endgame leads directly into Loki.

I guess with Loki only being able to fall in love with an alternate version of himself leads him to quiet possibly being the ultimate narcissist. Sylvie is a badass and I really hope that she comes back for season 2 as well as at least one movie. We need more Sylvie in our lives. The introduction of both alligator Loki and Throg makes me want a show set in that universe, preferably an animated show.

The introduction of Kang at the end as the person that has been pulling the strings is definitely interesting. I was pretty excited to see Jonathan Majors pop up, not just because I thought he was fantastic in Lovecraft Country. His manic presence was an interesting contrast to Loki and Sylvie’s more calculating presence. Seeing how he goes about playing the other versions of him will be interesting to see.

Since I’m just jotting some stuff down so that I can have an actual post for today, which is Sunday, I’m just going to say that I enjoyed it. I’m honestly the target audience for the show and really any of the MCU shows.

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