Becky [DVD] [2020] - Best Buy

I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into Becky. I had heard good things from a few people but sometimes I don’t agree with everyone. That being said I would have to say that I agree with the people that liked the movie. I didn’t realize that it was directed by the same people as Cooties, which I am a huge fan of. It was written by Lane Skye, Ruckus Skye, and Nick Morris. I do want to point out that Ruckus is an amazing name.

You follow Becky Hooper, a thirteen-year-old girl. She’s struggling with the death of her mother and her dad starting to date. They go to a lake house that her mother loved, but her dad, Jeff, brings his girlfriend/fiancé along with her young son. They are attacked in home by a group of four convicts, led by neo-nazi Dominick. Becky is outside of the house and this leads to her taking out each of the gang. The plot is framed by an interview with Becky as the police try to figure out what happened.

Lulu Wilson is just amazing. She, like all of the kids from Haunting of Hill House, is a hell of an actor. She uses her very distinct eyes to convey how unhinged she gets as the movie goes along. Kevin James is an interesting choice for a villain. He offers an unnerving calm when he’s committing pretty heinous acts of violence. There’s stark contrast to every other role that I’ve ever seen him in. I want to point out one last person, Joel McHale. Much like Kevin James, this is a role where he plays against type. For someone that plays smarmy so well he pulls off loving father with ease.

The costume designer in Becky is awesome. That fox hat that Becky wears and is shown on the poster/DVD cover is great. If it isn’t already they should sell them. They would be a hit for a great many reasons. The gore is great and really well done. The eyeball effect is visceral and kind of rough to see. The score is amazing. It ratchets up the tension and pulls back when it needs to. The score works so well with the rest of the movie that you sometimes forget about it.

This is a great movie and it should be seen by fans of fans of the genre. It was released in 2020 and that’s probably why it wasn’t necessarily why it was talked about for all that long. I watched it on Showtime Anytime but you can rent or buy it on your preferred digital storefront or even physically.


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