Fear Street part 3: 1666

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So, this is a pretty interesting trilogy. The quality increased with each film. Each film also had its influence on its sleeve. The way that the story was told over the three movies was something that I had never seen before. Having a set number of movies to tell a story and tells it in such a way that lets the mystery unfold in such an interesting way. I really think that while it closes off the trilogy really well they could possibly continue the story of both towns in either a series or another set of movies. If they do decide to continue the Fear Street series I hope they keep the creative team from the movies. Having a consistent creative team throughout the trilogy was great and Leigh Janiak is a fantastic director.

The story starts right where Fear Street: 1978 ended. Deena experiences the events of the last few days of Sarah Fier’s life. You see how Sarah’s life begins to unravel as the curse begins. The curse begins with the Pastor of the town hearing voices and kidnapping 12 children. It’s not long until Sarah is accused of being a witch along with Hannah Miller, the Pastor’s daughter. It’s discovered the Solomon Goode is the one that put the curse on the town and is the reason that Sarah is killed and blamed for it. The story shifts back to 1994 to finish the present-day story. You find out that Nick Goode is the source of the new killings, which has been the case for all of the killings. His deal started with the Camp Nightwing killings and continued since. Deena, Josh, adult Ziggy, and the janitor Martin join forces to take down Sheriff Goode. They set up in the mall to bring their plan to kill Goode. Through the trap you get to see four of the previous killers fight, which I wish we could have seen a little more, and Deena takes out Goode. As soon as the curse breaks Sunnyvale starts to experience ill fortune. There are even news reports about Nick Goode being the killer. The movie ends with Deena and Sam having one of the best dates ever, the one that Deena mentioned in the first movie. A post credits scene shows a mystery hand grab the widow’s book.

The cast from both of the previous movies is used in the movie, with a couple of exceptions. If I don’t see Kiana Madeira in anything else I don’t know what’s going on. She acts her ass off, especially in this movie. Everyone else is good but I really want to point out Kiana Madiera’s performance in the entire trilogy.

The production and costume design in this is really good especially the 1666 set part. You really get a the feel of just how grimy everything was and just how unpleasant it was. The digital effects are great. I want to mention the cyst in the underground cave. It looks absolutely disgusting and when it pulses it looks really nasty. When the killers are spawned from the cyst, they look unnerving. The way the bodies move is unnatural and make you uneasy.

Fear Street part 3: 1666 is the best of the series. You should give the entire trilogy a watch, especially now that all three movies are out.  All three movies are now streaming on Netflix.

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