Barry Season 4 Episode 7

“a nice meal” is an interesting episode. It starts wrapping up all of the different storylines that have been going not only this season but throughout the series. This episode shows just how dangerous Stephen Root’s character of Fuches has become while embodying his role as “The Raven”. We also see Cousineau fall back into his old ways.

The episode sees Barry being tortured by Jim Moss. We also see NoHo Hank trying to get Fuches out of the house that he’s in, first by sending an elite team of badasses and then firing a mortar at the house. Both plans fail and Hank gives up and resolves to give Fuches whatever he wants. During Barry’s psychological torture he tells Jim about the money that he had given to Cousineau. This causes Jim to set Cousineau up to be confronted by the DA and other people, because they all think he’s involved with the Chechen. This causes the newly arrived Sally and John to be kidnapped by Hank in front of Cousineau’s house. Barry had been able to escape where Jim had him but cut himself doing so and passed out shortly after. The episode ends with Barry having talked to Hank and had his family threatened.

The last episode of the season and series looks to be an action-packed episode. I think it will be similar to the final episode of season two when Barry kills a lot of people trying to get to Fuches. As far as everything else goes I don’t know how it will all hammer out for everyone, but I feel like Barry will die by the end of the show. I give “a nice meal” 8 mortars out of 10. [kofi]


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