The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon is a movie that I didn’t know about growing up. I only learned about it in the last decade or so, which is a shame. I would have loved watching it when I was younger. I appreciate it even more now with how it blends music in with all of the martialContinue reading “The Last Dragon”

The Last of Us Episode 8

The story in “When We Are in Need” felt a little different than what I experienced in that game. I think that all comes down to the changes that come from the inclusion of the Left Behind story. It also could be that it has been so long since I played the game. The majorContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 8”

The Last of Us Episode 7

This was the episode of The Last of Us that I was looking forward to the most. When I played through the game the “Left Behind” DLC hadn’t been released yet. I’ve never been able to play through it but I’ve known the basics of what happened. After seeing the series’ version of the events,Continue reading “The Last of Us Episode 7”

The Last of Us Episode 6

“Kin” continues the emotional gut punches from The Last of Us. There is a little levity at the start of the episode, but that was short lived. The title of the episode fits with the theme for the episode. Joel is shown to be afraid of the connection he’s been developing with Ellie. His reactionContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 6”

The Last of Us Episode 4

“Please Hold to My Hand” is a solid episode of The Last of Us but it almost feels like a filler episode in terms of story. Outside of the story there are great performances in the episode. The episode feels like it exists to help deepen the relationship between Joel and Ellie while also showingContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 4”

House of the Dragon Episode 1

I’m gonna start this off by saying that I didn’t hate the ending of Game of Thrones as much as I heard other people did. I wasn’t a fan of the giant leaps in logic needed for any of it to make sense, but I didn’t let it ruin the rest of the series forContinue reading “House of the Dragon Episode 1”

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