I wasn’t even aware that Ti West was making a movie until I saw the first trailer for X. As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew that I would want to see it, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to in theaters. That’s mostly because of it being a more independent horror movie, that’s not really something that my local theater would get. I was able to get to see it because the theater in a local city got it, which was a lot closer than I had originally thought it would be available. The ability to see X in theaters is something that I am happy about. Seeing it in theater is a fantastic way to see X.

X is the newest movie by Ti West and it’s similar to his other movies. I mean that by the fact that West not only directed the movie but also wrote, edited, and produced it as well. X offers an interesting way of using the influences of when the movie was set. West does a fantastic job of using the setting to make not only an interesting movie but also a beautifully shot movie as well. The script that West wrote for X shows the relationship between horror and pornography. That’s also because of the cast as well as the script.

X stars Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure, and Scott Mescudi. I want to mention that Scott Mescudi is probably better known as Kid Cudi, his rap name. I knew who Brittany Snow was, but nothing she had made was anything that peeked my interested. That being said I did know that she was known for having musical ability. I’m now aware that she has an amazing voice. Jenna Ortega has yet another horror movie open this year, this being the third in as many months. Mia Goth’s performance is eye catching. You can’t help but keep watching her whenever she’s on screen.

The practical effects in X are amazing. You get to feel the griminess of not only the kills but because of the setting as well. The set and costume design do so much to sale the setting, especially physical setting. The costume design helps the movie feel like when it was set. I know that there are CG effects in the movie, but I don’t know any specific scenes or how they were done. I was also so engrossed in the movie that my mind didn’t want to distract itself from the story. Tyler Bates and Chelsea Wolfe did the music for the movie, and it adds something interesting to the movie. The score makes certain parts have an almost dream like quality to them.

X is an original horror movie and a love letter to the movies from the 70s. There’s a prequel that was shot around the same time as this movie was shot. There’s a trailer for it at the end of the credits so you should definitely stay around to see it. If you can see X in theater I would recommend you do it, especially since it’ll be a little bit before it comes out on video. I give X 9 boom mics out of 10.


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