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As I continue my catch up on movies from 2021, I turn my attention towards John Squires’ top ten list. He had Censor at number one, and it was something that had been on my radar since its release. I wasn’t aware of where I could watch it until somewhat recently. I’m honestly quite glad that I was finally able to see it. I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t continue hearing about it throughout the year.

Censor was directed by Prano Bailey-Bond. It was written by Bailey-Bond and Anthony Fletcher. Prano Bailey-Bond has a few shorts, but Censor is her feature debut. She makes a hell of a debut. The story she tells in the movie is entrancing and captivating.

Niamh Algar carries this movie. Not only is she the lead but she’s the most captivating person on screen. The way she plays Enid is done in such a way that you don’t want to look away. The way she’s so timid you feel like what she forces herself to watch will have a profound effect on her. She’s supported by Nicholas Burns, Vincent Franklin, Sophia La Porta, Adrian Schiller, and Michael Smiley.

Censor takes place in 1985 in Great Britain. Enid is a censor for the British Board of Film Classification watching the Video Nasties that were gaining prevalence at the time. She works with a group of other censors, each movie getting them paired off. After some events in both her professional and personal life start to compound, Enid starts to remember things from her past.

Annika Summerson’s work as cinematographer is on a different level. Her work with Prano Bailey-Bond makes this as beautiful as it is interesting. The use of color is something that looks like it belongs in a Dario Argento film. The effects in the movie are fantastic. The score by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is amazing. The music helps you feel the story as well as see it.

Censor is an amazing psychological horror movie that deserves to be talked about. I hope that I see Prano Bailey-Bond and Niamh Algar’s names more often going forward. I wasn’t sure about what I was getting into, which is the best way to go into the movie. Knowing as little as possible is how I advise going into the movie. You can watch Censor on Hulu. I give Censor 9 censor remotes out of 10.

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