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Spider-Man: No Way Home Completes a Trilogy of Nerdy Star Wars Easter Eggs  - IGN

A few different things from the periphery has been brought into thanks to the recent MCU releases. I wanted to talk more in depth about them than I did in my two previous posts. I also wanted to give more people time to see No Way Home so that they don’t possibly stumble upon this post and have several things spoiled for them. I would hate to accidentally spoil something for some, because I had a shitty friend spoil part of No Way Home for me.

I want to mention first how the Netflix Daredevil series is partially canon in the MCU now. Even if the events aren’t some of the actors are being brought into the MCU. Vincent D’Onofrio reprised his role as Wilson Fisk on Hawkeye and I wasn’t sure it was him when I reviewed the episode, but it was announced that it was him. That combined with Charlie Cox being in No Way Home is very exciting. If they bring back the rest of the cast of the Daredevil series for a new show, I think it would be fantastic. If Marvel could bring the series over from Netflix that would expand everything even more, it could even open the door for others to reprise their roles.

No Way Home is a marvel, pun may or may not be intended, of modern filmmaking. The previous Spider-Men coming back to the roles is something that hasn’t been done on that scale. It was partially done in X-Men: Days of Future Past but this feels so different to that. That was a passing of the torch. This was a way to bring everyone in and give a certain amount of closure for the previous Peter Parkers.

The way that all of the different Peters were brought together as well as the interplay between them is one of the most fun parts of the movie. That goes for the villains as well. The interplay between them is also fun. The fact that Electro is still villainous even after being offered a cure gives a hint that he would always be a villain. Doc Ock is the only one that’s properly cured before everything goes to hell.

The ending leaves it open to there to be more Spider-Man movies, but it could be any of the ones featured in the movie. This is a much different way to end a huge crossover that feels like a comic book than Endgame did.

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