The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7

“Chapter 23: The Spies” was another kind of underwhelming episode to me. There were several interesting moments but overall, I just found it underwhelming. That’s kind of how I felt about the entire season.

The episode opens with Elia Kane informing Moff Gideon of the Mandalorians’ plan for Mandalore. This leads to the reveal of the Shadow Council, which seems to be what gives way to the First Order. They squabble a little before Gideon suggests they look for a new leader since he’s not heard of Thrawn’s return. He asks and gets some reinforcements. Both groups of Mandalorians leave Nevarro after Greef Karga gives Din IG-12 and Grogu uses it as a mech suit. While a small team go down to the surface of Mandalore, the majority stay in the atmosphere. The team finds a group of surviving Mandalorians, which leads to the group splitting up to take care of the wounded. The remaining group finds the Great Forge but are attacked by stormtroopers in Beskar armor. This leads to Din getting captured by Gideon, who then tries to kill the rest of the Mandalorians. Paz Vizsla dies after fighting off the stormtroopers but falls to Praetorian Guards.

I really wanted to enjoy this episode from how it started. I just found it doing the same things that the rest of the season had been. I’m sure there are people that are enjoying the season, but I’m just not one of those people.


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