My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones is a fantastic horror novel. I didn’t necessarily know anything about it when I first grabbed the novel off the shelf. I grabbed it because I thought the slipcase cover was really interesting as was the title. My interest was also piqued by seeing the editor in chief of Bloody Disgusting mention how good it was. I’m really glad that I started reading it.

Stephen Graham Jones is one of the newer voices in the horror writing community and he has a way of writing that really draws you in. I’ve only recently discovered him, but he has been writing for some time. His previous novel The Only Good Indians was when I first started hearing his name. He has a way of writing characters that you really feel for and like. The main character of My Heart is a Chainsaw is incredibly likable, that might also be because she’s a fan of the genre. A character being a fan of horror is a good way to endear them to the audience. Outside of that she a good person that’s had hard times and the small town looks down on her. Jones also writes the horror scenes really well, giving just the right descriptions that you know what happens and doesn’t linger on them unless necessary.

My Heart is a Chainsaw is a great love letter to the slasher subgenre of horror. This works as a great companion to The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix. Both are written as love letters to the tropes of slashers and what makes them so fun to watch. I can see why both are nominated for Bram Stoker Awards. I give My Heart is a Chainsaw 9 machetes out of 10.

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