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Day 23 of the NOFS podcast 31-day horror challenge has the theme of horror comedy. I decided to let Shudder do a lot of the heavy lifting today with their categories. I happened upon Scare Me in the list and thought it was a great chance to finally watch it. I’m glad that I finally watch it. I saw the praise that it received when it was first added to Shudder.

Scare Me was written and directed by Josh Ruben. This was Josh Ruben’s feature directorial debut. I had watched his second feature, which was released earlier this year. Ruben has a handle on both horror and comedy, especially the way that they can work together. He has expressed interested in doing something with the Darkman IP, which I think is a fantastic idea.

Scare Me stars Aya Cash, Josh Ruben, Rebecca Drysdale, and Chris Redd. I’ve been a fan of Aya Cash’s since watching You’re the Worst, which is actually how this movie got on my radar originally. Josh Ruben was someone that I had never heard of before first hearing about this movie, and now I’m a huge fan. Chris Redd is hilarious and thanks to his role in this as well as Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping I expect to laugh when he performs.  These three are amazing in their roles. They are able to make their performances captivating throughout the time they’re on screen.

Scare Me centers on Fred as he arrives at a cabin. He plans on using his time there to write. He runs into another author name Fanny. She is a published author of a heavily lauded horror novel. During a power outage Fanny goes to Fred’s cabin to see if his power is out too. Fanny decided that since they’re both authors, that write horror, and should try to scare each other by telling each other stories. They do so and eventually add the pizza delivery guy named Carlo.

There is limited use of practical creature effects, which happens through the character’s imaginations. The limited effects look fantastic. The sound effects that are done in the film add to the stories and make it feel like a teleplay. The music was done by Elegant Too. The score is really good and it adds to the overall feel of the movie.

Scare Me is a fantastic movie. Ruben is a rising star in horror who happens to have a great handle on comedy as well. Between this and Werewolves Within I will see whatever else he makes. I will give Scare Me a 9 fire pokers out of 10.

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