Masters of the Universe: Revelation part 1

So, I was interested in Masters of the Universe: Revelation when I first heard about it. I’m at the age where I grew up watching reruns of the original show and playing with the toys while also seeing how the original series has been lampooned for its more ridiculous moments. I also watched the live action movie from the 80s, which does not hold up if you were wondering. I also remember the reboot from the early 00s, though I couldn’t tell you anything about it because it just blended in with other animated series from the time. I was also pretty down for it when I saw that Kevin Smith was involved. I’ve been a fan of his since I saw the first animated series he was apart of. I saw Clerks: The Animated Series before anything else of his and my enjoyment of his work has stayed constant, that includes YogaHosers.

Kevin Smith serves as creator and story editor of the series. All of the episodes of part one were directed by Adam Conarroe and Patrick Stannard. The voice cast is absolutely insane. If I weren’t onboard before hearing the cast list it would have cemented how into the series I would be. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Mark Hamill, Diedrich Bader, Liam Cunningham, and Justin Long. That’s only a few of the star-studded cast. Everyone kicks complete ass in their roles.

Story centers on Teela as she deals with the events on Eternia. The series starts with He-Man/Prince Adam and Skeletor dying and the magic disappears. The King and Queen banish Man-At-Arms after their son is killed and Teela disowns everyone and everything because of the lies surrounding the truth of Prince Adam. Teela becomes a mercenary and changes her look. She is hired, alongside her partner Andra, to steal a chalice. After the complete that they ends up on a quest to bring back the magic to Eternia. I’m leaving the plot synopsis at that.

The animation is fan-fucking-tastic. I feel like they have the same animation house as the Castlevanie series that Netflix produced. The animation is clean and clear. The character designs look as close as you can get to the original designs with the animation style. All of the changes in designs make complete sense.

I’m only going to touch on the backlash a tiny bit. If you don’t like this series because of some bullshit reason you need to not try anything new.

I would recommend watching Masters of the Universe: Revelation part 1. If you want to see an interesting take on a sequel series to a goofy 80s cartoon that pays loving tribute to the original series while taking chances, you should definitely check it out. Its streaming on Netflix and I don’t know when part 2 is coming out.

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