Death Valley

I had put off watching Death Valley for a few months, but I didn’t really have a reason other than I kept seeing other movies that I knew more about. I decided to watch it since I thought it would go along with the loose theme of action movies I’ve been doing all most ofContinue reading “Death Valley”


I had never seen Popcorn before, but I remembered seeing the VHS cover growing up. The cover never piqued my interest enough for me to rent it but it was enough for me to remember it. I saw that it was on Shudder and finally watched it after having it on my watchlist for aContinue reading “Popcorn”


I didn’t know anything about Allegoria before it was put on Shudder. I found out that it was directed by Spider One at the same time as I learned it was being put on Shudder. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the movie. I was surprised by it being horror rather than sci-fi mostlyContinue reading “Allegoria”

The Seed

I decided to watch The Seed because it fit in with my theme for the week. I also didn’t remember this getting as much buzz as a Shudder original would usually get. It was released earlier this year onto the service and what little I did hear died down fairly quickly. I think that’s aContinue reading “The Seed”

Without Warning

I knew that Without Warning was going to be my next movie in my alien encounters themed week as soon as I saw the cover for it on Shudder. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie coming going in and that kinda made the movie even better. Seeing Martin Landau, Jack Palance, and a youngContinue reading “Without Warning”

Dark Angel

I could have sworn that I had seen Dark Angel as the title it was released under, I Come in Peace but turns out I had not. I remember seeing the cover of the VHS during my time at the video store and it seemed very much in my wheelhouse for when I was younger.Continue reading “Dark Angel”

Invaders from Mars (86)

I didn’t really know what to watch when I started up Shudder, but it wasn’t long until I spotted Invaders from Mars. I had forgotten that this forgotten Tobe Hooper movie had been added to the service. I’m always interested in seeing any movie of his that I haven’t seen before. I remembered seeing aContinue reading “Invaders from Mars (86)”

The Long Night

I didn’t know anything about The Long Night before I saw the trailer for it during the intermission of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs the Friday before it was released on Shudder. I was immediately intrigued by what I saw in the trailer even though it took me a bit to finally getContinue reading “The Long Night”

On the 3rd Day

I knew absolutely nothing about On the 3rd Day going in. I was incredibly surprised when I found out that it was an Argentinian movie. After watching Pussycake I was interested to see another Argentinian horror movie. This was a very different movie than Pussycake, in more than one way. The version that’s on ShudderContinue reading “On the 3rd Day”

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