I was able to avoid spoilers for M3GAN in the two weeks since its release. I also felt like the longer I waited to see it the more hype was built up for it. I was finally able to see M3GAN and it still surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to have as much heart asContinue reading “M3GAN”

Trancers III

Trancers III feels quite a bit different than the first two movies. The darker tone of the movie was an interesting direction but not a terrible one. It also looked darker with it being lit to be that way. The story made sense, but I felt like there were some mild retcons to the previousContinue reading “Trancers III”

Trancers II

When I would see the poster for Trancers II I had it in my mind that the basis of the story would be about space and have a love triangle. After seeing the first movie I knew that it wouldn’t be about that, because the poster was dynamic, but the series has nothing to doContinue reading “Trancers II”


I would like to say that Prey kicks a whole lotta ass. I had high hopes for it as soon as I started seeing reviews for it being so positive. I went in thinking I would see a fun movie, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good it would be. Prey is a movieContinue reading “Prey”


I think it’ll be hard for me to say anything new about Predator because there’s been so much said about it. The last time I watched it was a couple of years ago and I ended up having to stop my initial watch because I was watching it with director’s commentary. I had to stopContinue reading “Predator”


I don’t think Nope will be the last movie I have in my alien encounters theme week. That being said I will safely say that I loved Nope. This is most definitely one of the most original alien movies I’ve ever seen let alone what I’ve watched this past week. I went in as blindContinue reading “Nope”

Dark Angel

I could have sworn that I had seen Dark Angel as the title it was released under, I Come in Peace but turns out I had not. I remember seeing the cover of the VHS during my time at the video store and it seemed very much in my wheelhouse for when I was younger.Continue reading “Dark Angel”

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