The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 4-6

Episodes 4-6 of The Legend of Vox Machina season two each focuses on different characters. Episode four focuses on the twins, Vex and Vax, but is more focused on the changes that started in this episode. Episode five focuses on Keyleth and shows us more about her society. Episode six focuses on Scanlan and Grog.Continue reading “The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 4-6”

Willow Episode 8

“Children Of The Wyrm” is an interesting episode of Willow. It sets up the story to continue while getting the central characters into different places, for the most part. Kit is pretty well established as the kid to take Madmartigan’s place as protector. Elora is shown to be even more powerful than originally thought. ThisContinue reading “Willow Episode 8”

Willow Episode 7

“Beyond the Shattered Sea” sets up the finale in an interesting way. We pick up with where the story was left off from the previous episode, with both of the twins being in spots that were surprising. Kit is rescued from drowning but not before seeing Airk and Airk seeing his sister. With Airk’s partContinue reading “Willow Episode 7”

Willow Episode 6

“Prisoners of Skellin” is episode six of Willow and it kind of gives a small amount of closure for Madmartigan, possibly. That’s while also showing the audience a little bit of what’s going on with Airk while the group continually gets sidetracked, which is on par for what would happen with the standard Dungeons andContinue reading “Willow Episode 6”

Willow Episode 5

“Wildwood” is the fifth episode of Willow and its an eventful episode. We got some clarification on Kael and Jade’s connection. We get character moments for all of the main characters, especially between Kit and Jade. There’s also more information on Boorman and what lead him to be where he was at the beginning ofContinue reading “Willow Episode 5”

Willow Chapter 4

“The Whispers of Nockmaar” is the fourth episode of Willow or chapter is they’re called. This episode offers a lot of character development for almost all of the new characters. We get background information for Graydon and how it involves what’s currently happening to him during the episode. There’s not much character development for BoormanContinue reading “Willow Chapter 4”

Willow Episode 3

“The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb” is an entertaining episode. It offers both more character stuff and more worldbuilding. We get some of the backstory of the magical armor that lead to Madmartigan’s disappearance. There are character moments that show how quickly the relationships between certain characters are changing. There are even major deaths thatContinue reading “Willow Episode 3”


I wanted to give Willow a rewatch before the sequel series premiered on Disney +. This movie was a staple for me growing up, like I have lost count of how times I’ve seen it. I’ve watched it less in the last few years and I’m always happy to see that it holds up 34Continue reading “Willow”

House of the Dragon Season Finale

“The Black Queen” is the season finale of House of the Dragon. It picks up shortly after the end of the previous episode. Rhaenys tells Rhaenyra that her father has died and the Aegon was crowned King. Rhaenyra suffers a premature stillbirth. Ser Erryk arrives with a crown during the child’s funeral. Daemon wishes toContinue reading “House of the Dragon Season Finale”

The Rings of Power Final Thoughts

I found myself way more into The Rings of Power than I thought I would be. I went in hopefully optimistic to the first two episodes. As a fan of Tolkien’s writing and world but not as familiar with the Appendices of The Lord of the Rings. I had spent some time with The Silmarillion,Continue reading “The Rings of Power Final Thoughts”

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