The Exorcist Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2

The Exorcist very well might be one of my favorite series from the decade. I didn’t watch it when it was originally aired because Fox did it no favors in advertising it. I was thinking that it was a reboot tv series, which that isn’t what it is. I won’t say anything until it happensContinue reading “The Exorcist Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2”

The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2

“The Mine of Mandalore” is a much better episode in my opinion. A good portion of the episode feels like a continuation of the first episode of the season. My biggest problem with that episode and some of this episode is the meandering feel of them. Once the episode got settled in one location orContinue reading “The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2”

The Last of Us Episode 8

The story in “When We Are in Need” felt a little different than what I experienced in that game. I think that all comes down to the changes that come from the inclusion of the Left Behind story. It also could be that it has been so long since I played the game. The majorContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 8”

Warrior Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4

Episodes three and four of Warrior season two are the turning point of the season. The ending of episode four is where the shift of the season happens. Everything before that is how the characters get themselves into the situations that lead to that shift. “Not How We Do Business” is mostly set up forContinue reading “Warrior Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4”

The Last of Us Episode 7

This was the episode of The Last of Us that I was looking forward to the most. When I played through the game the “Left Behind” DLC hadn’t been released yet. I’ve never been able to play through it but I’ve known the basics of what happened. After seeing the series’ version of the events,Continue reading “The Last of Us Episode 7”

Warrior Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2

Season 2 of Warrior starts off with Ah Sahm in the fighting pit on the Barbary Coast. That’s the first hint of how his loss has affected him. This leads Ah Sahm to discover another target for his crusade with Ah Toy and Lai. Their attack on the anti-Chinese gang leads to Bill and LeeContinue reading “Warrior Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2”

The Last of Us Episode 6

“Kin” continues the emotional gut punches from The Last of Us. There is a little levity at the start of the episode, but that was short lived. The title of the episode fits with the theme for the episode. Joel is shown to be afraid of the connection he’s been developing with Ellie. His reactionContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 6”

Warrior Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10

The first season of Warrior ends on a really strong point. The penultimate episode is the culmination of the past few episodes as well as the fallout from that. The finale expands on those events and sets up the characters to be in somewhat different circumstances than they were at the beginning of the series.Continue reading “Warrior Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10”

Warrior Episodes 7 and 8

These two episodes of Warrior are pretty interesting. “The Tiger and The Fox” has an underlying theme of what you do for family even when that relationship is strained. That could be either the family that you choose or the family that you’re born into. That’s also something that drifts into “They Don’t Pay UsContinue reading “Warrior Episodes 7 and 8”

The Last of Us Episode 4

“Please Hold to My Hand” is a solid episode of The Last of Us but it almost feels like a filler episode in terms of story. Outside of the story there are great performances in the episode. The episode feels like it exists to help deepen the relationship between Joel and Ellie while also showingContinue reading “The Last of Us Episode 4”

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