House of the Dragon Season Finale

“The Black Queen” is the season finale of House of the Dragon. It picks up shortly after the end of the previous episode. Rhaenys tells Rhaenyra that her father has died and the Aegon was crowned King. Rhaenyra suffers a premature stillbirth. Ser Erryk arrives with a crown during the child’s funeral. Daemon wishes toContinue reading “House of the Dragon Season Finale”

House of the Dragon Episode 8

“The Lord of the Tides” kind of blew me away. There was yet another time jump between episodes with new actors playing the children. Most of what blew me away in the episode had to do with Viserys. Paddy Considine put in one of the best performances if not the best performance of the seasonContinue reading “House of the Dragon Episode 8”

House of the Dragon Episode 7

“Driftmark” picks up all the pieces from the previous episode of House of the Dragon. Otto Hightower is back as the Hand of the King, after Alicent’s complaint about Lyonel’s position in the role. The entire episode takes place on Driftmark during and after Lady Laena’s funeral. Prince Aemond manage to bond with Leana’s dragonContinue reading “House of the Dragon Episode 7”

House of the Dragon Episode 5

“We Light the Way” is the fifth episode of House of the Dragon that seems to finally finish setting everything up. The episode starts with Prince Daemon being his usual sinister self. The majority of the episode deals with the fallout of the previous episode. Queen Alicent’s relationship with Princess Rhaenyra is finally broken beyondContinue reading “House of the Dragon Episode 5”

House of the Dragon episode 3

“Second of His Name” is a three-year jump from the end of the previous episode, with Daemon and Lord Corlys having been at war the entire time. King Viserys has married Rhaenyra’s friend Alicent and has had a son. The majority of the episode takes place around the celebration of prince Aegon’s second birthday andContinue reading “House of the Dragon episode 3”

The Spine of Night

I had put off watching The Spine of Night for a few months. The only reason I had to put off watching it for so long was I wasn’t in the mood for it. I felt adventurous as I was scrolling through my watchlist on Shudder and finally delved into it. I know that thereContinue reading “The Spine of Night”