Rogue One

I wanted to give Rogue One a rewatch after finishing the first season of Andor. I hadn’t seen Rogue One since shortly after it came out on home video. Giving both of these pieces of Star Wars media a watch so close together shows how different they are in presentation. Rogue One is very muchContinue reading “Rogue One”

Andor Season 1 Finale

“Rix Road” is season one finale of Andor and solidifies the series’ place as the best Star Wars series released on Disney +. Since the halfway point of the season, I was consistently surprised by where the season would go. This episode was no different, with it focusing on the goings on during Maarva’s funeral.Continue reading “Andor Season 1 Finale”

Andor Episode 9

“Nobody’s Listening!” is the darkest episode of Andor so far. It kind of focuses on how far reaching the cruelty of the Empire is. The episode starts where the previous episode left off with Bix about to be tortured by Meero. The style of torture is just as terrible as you would expect from theContinue reading “Andor Episode 9”

Andor Episode 7

“Announcement” is basically all fallout from the Aldhani heist from the previous episode. Mon Mothma confronts Rael about the heist as well as has a covert discussion with an old friend in midst of a dinner party. Andor goes back to Ferrix and learns about what happened when he escaped with Rael. He unsuccessfully triesContinue reading “Andor Episode 7”

Andor Episode 5

Andor episode five is called “The Axe Forgets” and the title is reference to how the Empire kills without care or even remembering who they were. Andor’s parts of the episode deal with the lead up to the heist as well as the crew learning of why he’s there. That happens because of Skeen, andContinue reading “Andor Episode 5”

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