Barry Season 4 Episode 8

“wow” wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, which shouldn’t have surprised me with how the season went. The only part that I was right about is what happened to Barry, which I don’t think I even said in the previous episode’s review. We got some more fantastic performances from both Sarah Goldberg and Anthony CarriganContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 8”

Barry Season 4 Episode 7

“a nice meal” is an interesting episode. It starts wrapping up all of the different storylines that have been going not only this season but throughout the series. This episode shows just how dangerous Stephen Root’s character of Fuches has become while embodying his role as “The Raven”. We also see Cousineau fall back intoContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 7”

The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10

The last two episodes of The Exorcist set up where the story would have gone if it hadn’t been cancelled. These episodes have a lot in common with the rest of the season, with fantastic performances throughout. John Cho really puts in a hell of a performance throughout the season, whether it be as normalContinue reading “The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10”

Barry Season 4 Episode 6

“the wizard” carries the same tone as the previous episode but I found it easier to handle this week. I think that’s because of the shift away from just focusing on Barry and Sally in their new identities. Seeing both Hank and Fuches again helped lighten the mood, even just the slightest bit. That’s notContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 6”

The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8

As I barrel towards the finale of The Exorcist I continue to be blown away by the performances in each episode. The two leads for the series are great, especially with Ben Daniels getting several moments to shine throughout both episodes. John Cho and Alicia Witt have amazing chemistry together and that only improves theirContinue reading “The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8”

Barry Season 4 Episode 5

“tricky legacies” is a weird episode of Barry. At the end of the previous episode, I wasn’t sure if the time jump was an actual thing or if it was just in Barry’s head. It all felt incredibly awkward, which played well with them being in hiding. It also sets the stage for what’s goingContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 5”

The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6

These two episodes of The Exorcist have some powerful performances. Ben Daniels got several moments to shine in both episodes either as a monologue or playing off someone. Alfonso Herrera got to do something interesting in “There But for the Grace of God, Go I”. He got to bring a lot of emotion even ifContinue reading “The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6”

Barry Season 4 Episode 4

“it takes a psycho” is an interesting episode of Barry. It’s basically an episode without the titular character. Robert Wisdom and Anthony Carrigan stand out in the episode. Any time that Robert Wisdom is on screen there’s a sense of unease and terror. You feel like he’s capable of anything and we’ve seen how farContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 4”

The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4

These two episodes finish rounding out the major players for the story this season. There are some truly standout performances in these episodes. John Cho and Brianna Hildebrand are both great in these episodes. The third episode is also directed by Ti West, who has made a much bigger name for himself in the lastContinue reading “The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4”

Barry Season 4 Episode 3

“you’re charming” is an interesting episode of Barry. It feels like all wind up with absolutely no release. I foresee everything that happened in this episode will echo through the rest of the series. There are even a couple of surprising cameos, most surprising was Guillermo del Toro. He’s always fun to see and hisContinue reading “Barry Season 4 Episode 3”