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Advertisements I wanted to give Willow a rewatch before the sequel series premiered on Disney +. This movie was a staple for me growing up, like I have lost count of how times I’ve seen it. I’ve watched it less in the last few years and I’m always happy to see that it holds upContinue reading “Willow”

Rogue One

Advertisements I wanted to give Rogue One a rewatch after finishing the first season of Andor. I hadn’t seen Rogue One since shortly after it came out on home video. Giving both of these pieces of Star Wars media a watch so close together shows how different they are in presentation. Rogue One is veryContinue reading “Rogue One”

Blood Rage

Advertisements Blood Rage is a weird movie. This was my second time watching it and I had a much more positive opinion of the movie this time. My first time seeing the movie was something I wasn’t prepared for. The story is only part of what I wasn’t prepared for. The performances of certain rolesContinue reading “Blood Rage”

Happy Birthday to Me

Advertisements Happy Birthday to Me is a weird movie. I didn’t really know too much about the movie before starting it other than it being about a birthday. That was my main reason for choosing the movie, as a way of halfway celebrating my own birthday. It was either that or a Thanksgiving movie, whichContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Me”

Andor Season 1 Finale

Advertisements “Rix Road” is season one finale of Andor and solidifies the series’ place as the best Star Wars series released on Disney +. Since the halfway point of the season, I was consistently surprised by where the season would go. This episode was no different, with it focusing on the goings on during Maarva’sContinue reading “Andor Season 1 Finale”

Trancers III

Advertisements Trancers III feels quite a bit different than the first two movies. The darker tone of the movie was an interesting direction but not a terrible one. It also looked darker with it being lit to be that way. The story made sense, but I felt like there were some mild retcons to theContinue reading “Trancers III”


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