Kandisha (CFF)

This movie is pretty intense. It isn’t at full blast the entire time but whenever it is man do you feel it. This is the second French movie that I’ve watched in the film fest so far and man have they both been absolutely outstanding. This is another film by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.Continue reading “Kandisha (CFF)”

Secret Screening #1 (CFF)

I was intrigued when I started seeing the festival people warn about the movie being intense because while I enjoy watching an intense movie they can sometimes leave me a wreck afterwards. I have to say that this didn’t completely wreck me but hot damn did it fuck with me. The movie was Coming HomeContinue reading “Secret Screening #1 (CFF)”

Secret Screening #2 (CFF)

I was excited to check this out even before I knew what I was going to be watching. I’m having the same kind of feeling about these Secret Screenings as I have had before each episode of The Last Drive In on Friday nights. I was also able to catch the presentation of Amanda ReyesContinue reading “Secret Screening #2 (CFF)”

Bloodbaths &Beyond – CFF 2021 Horror Shorts

There are 19 films and shorts in this playlist: Meat Lovers, Watcher, Snowblind, The Thing that ate the Birds, Face, Golem, Cutter, The Three Men you meet at Night, Don’t Go Outside, Weirdo, Bloodshed, Stuck, Sins of a Werewolf, Poor Glenna, Bed, The Lovers, Pieces of Me, Koreatown Ghost Story, and No One is Coming.Continue reading “Bloodbaths &Beyond – CFF 2021 Horror Shorts”

One Man Show – The Music and Madness of Nick Lutsko (CFF)

I got pulled into the world of Nick Lutsko by hearing Theme for Spirit Halloween like I’m sure a lot of other people did. I went on to share it with as many people as I could while listening to it several times a day. I went back and watched his older videos as well.Continue reading “One Man Show – The Music and Madness of Nick Lutsko (CFF)”

The Old Ways

I just finished this movie and I had to sit and write about it. I’m afraid to say too much because it all works so well together that I feel like if I say the wrong thing and I’ll give something away. In the few movies that I’ve watched from the Chattanooga Film Fest soContinue reading “The Old Ways”

Teddy (CFF Night 1)

I will start this out by saying the only negative thing I can say about this movie, I was disappointed that it wasn’t a werebear. I thought that they were going for a tongue in cheek thing with the name of the movie and the monster. If that’s the only negative thing to say aboutContinue reading “Teddy (CFF Night 1)”

Scenes from an Empty Church (CFF Night 1)

This was an incredibly poignant film. I was moved by the way that it tackled not only the pandemic but also faith. The lead character being a priest that was Jewish by birth but catholic by choice was an interesting take on a priest with a crisis of faith. Both priests in the film actuallyContinue reading “Scenes from an Empty Church (CFF Night 1)”

The Iron Mutant Challenge

This is what I submitted to Darcy and Joe Bob for the Iron Mutant Challenge for this season of The Last Drive In on Shudder. The preshow musing was about the hours in a day and beers in a case. Videotapes and VHS are the theme of the night. There were more knife based attacksContinue reading “The Iron Mutant Challenge”

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