The Exorcist Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10

The last two episodes of The Exorcist set up where the story would have gone if it hadn’t been cancelled. These episodes have a lot in common with the rest of the season, with fantastic performances throughout. John Cho really puts in a hell of a performance throughout the season, whether it be as normal Andy Kim or as possessed Andy Kim. We get to see his range throughout the season. The rest of the cast is fantastic, but John Cho really gets to flex throughout the season rather than just getting moments.

“Ritual & Repetition” is an interesting episode since it’s separated between Marcus and Tomas. Tomas’ half deals with him fighting the vision that he was left in by the demon. The vision is seemingly what he would have wanted if he hadn’t become an exorcist. The demon even takes the form of Casey Rance to try to convince him to give in. Marcus tries to find Andy and the kids. Andy has everyone tied up in the old shack. The kids escape and Marcus fights Andy in the spooky forest, after rescuing Verity. The episode ends with Marcus dragging Andy through the forest until he comes along Tomas, who had been saved from his vision, and Mouse, who had saved him.

“Unworthy” has the newly formed trio trying to continue the exorcism on Andy in the shack. We also pick up with Bennett, who is still in a coma but being watched over by Vatican officials. Tomas lets the demon in to try to save Andy, which doesn’t go well. Tomas is almost taken over by the demon, but Andy is shot by Marcus before it can happen. Tomas gives Rose and the kids a message that he was given before Andy died. Marcus leave Tomas to continue his work but with Mouse. Rose adopts Truck with the rest of the kids already there. Bennett becomes possessed and fully integrated and killing a nurse afterwards. The series ends with Marcus finally hearing God’s voice again and whispering Tomas’ name with a worried look on his face.

These two episodes are even better than the rest of the season. The set design throughout the episodes are amazing. The sound design during the scenes in the forest make it even more unnerving than it would be if it were just silent. The recreation of the jump scare from The Exorcist III is as masterful as the original version. I give these last two episodes of The Exorcist 10 rosaries out of 10. [kofi]


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