My Short Story with the working title “Cursed”

This is a short story that I’m still working on fleshing out and improving. Its very much a work in progress. Any feedback is always appreciated, as per usual.

Moreau is sitting at his desk when he hears a knock at the door. He gets up and walks over to the door. When he opens it, there’s a tall statuesque woman with red hair in a bob haircut. She’s wearing a charcoal grey suit.

            “Are you Johann Moreau?” she asks, her voice is deep and raspy.

            “I am. What can I help you with?” he responds with a puzzled tone.

            “Nothing, but I can help you. My name is Alecto Halsey and you’re in danger. Can you let me in there’s a lot that we need to talk about?” She says in a hurried voice.

            “Yeah, I’d like to know what’s trying to kill me now,” He says while letting her into his office. Moreau wonders what exactly he did in his life to get to this point in his life.

            They walk over to the desk and sit on opposite sides.

            “How well versed in witchcraft are you?” Alecto asks.

            “Not well, are you trying to tell me witches are after me?” Moreau asks while slumping in his chair.

            “Not exactly, a coven of evil witches were contracted to kill you and they summoned a demon to do so. Do you have any experience fighting demons?”

            “No, but how difficult is it compared to vampires and ancient malevolent gods?”

            “Easier than gods but harder than vampires…wait you fought a god?”

            “Yeah, it sucked. It had a cult. Almost died a couple of times. Back to the demon that’s currently trying to kill me, does it have a name or is that something we’d have to find out ourselves? I know a priest that might be able to help. He helps me out with blessing stuff to fight vampires.”

            “A priest would help. I can help too. I’m also a witch,”

            “Were you a part of the coven that summoned the demon?” Moreau asks as he reaches for his side holstered gun.

            “No, they killed most of my coven. They’re bad witches. I’m a good witch.”

            “Well, either way it sounds like I’ll need all the help I can get. We’ll take my car to the church,” Moreau says as they leave his office.

            “So does this demon track me or does it have another way of finding me?” Moreau asks as he opens the car door.

            “It tracks you. They got some of your blood and used it in the ritual. It physically hurts demons to be here, and it can’t go back unless you’re killed, or it’s banished. Its currently in the body of a man, but it can possess others.” Alecto says while getting into the car.

            They drive to a small church that looks a little rundown. Moreau parks the car along the street near the entrance for the graveyard in front of the church. Moreau and Alecto open the gate to go in. The hinges creak as the gate is opened and the pair walk through. As Moreau closes the gate and turns back around to the church, he sees a tall blonde man wearing priest’s garb at the front of the church.

            “Who’s your friend Johann? Have you gotten yourself into more trouble?” The priest asks from the porch.

            “Sven, this is Alecto. Alecto, this is Sven. I think its something we need to discuss inside,” Moreau says as he starts walking toward the church.

            Alecto follows behind Moreau as they both walk towards the church. Sven opens the church door for them and then closes it after everyone is in. He locks the doors back.

            “So, what couldn’t you say outside?” Sven asks impatiently.

            “There’s a demon after him. He thought you could help him with it,” Alecto says before Moreau can say anything.

            “What did you do?” Sven says looking straight at Moreau.

            “I don’t know. I’ve just been making enemies out of some unpleasant people,” Moreau says in a shocked tone.

            “Someone hired a coven of evil witches to bind a demon to the mortal plane until he’s dead. If we can banish it before Moreau is killed it can’t come back for a hundred years,” Alecto says while sitting in a pew.

            “Do you know its name, or are we just going to have to work around that the best we can?” Sven asks.

            “No name. You have experience with demons?” Alecto asks.

            “I was sent here after an exorcism that killed two other priests and one parent,” Sven says.

            “How do I know when it’s close? Will I feel it?” Moreau asks.

            As he finishes his question, he holds his head screams then passes out. Alecto grabs him before he hits the floor. She lays him on a pew.

            “That doesn’t seem good. What do you need for us to be able to banish this thing?” Alecto asks walking over to Sven.

            “I have the book for exorcisms in my jacket. I can basically use the same rite to banish the demon. Especially if you’re going to be doing whatever it is you do,” Sven says while grabbing a book from his inside jacket pocket.

            The doors fly open and a figure is standing in the doorway. Strong winds are whipping about blowing dust, dirt, and leaves about.

            “My children, I’m so thankful that you’re here in my house to welcome me,” The demon says. Its voice sounds like four people speaking in unison. “I am here for my wayward child and will leave you in peace if you let me have him.”

            “Gusto ignis,” Alecto says.

            The demon’s mouth bursts into flames. It starts coughing and then laughing through the flames. It breathes in deeply then breathes out exhaling flames at Alecto and Sven.

            “Aqua scutum,” Alecto says while raising her arms.

            A wall of water rises up, blocking the fire. She takes a step forward and pushes the water at the demon, knocking it down and putting out all of the fire. Sven is behind her chanting and performing the exorcism ritual. Sven has a small book that he’s reading from.

            “Do that again. I can bless the water, and that might help,” Sven says quickly.

            Alecto repeats the spell, and Sven quickly blesses the water. This time when the water hits the stalking demon it sizzles on contact. The demon howls in pain and runs more into the church. It jumps over Alecto and lands on the pew where Moreau was. The pew breaks as it lands.

            “Be careful not to kill the body. The demon won’t heal the injuries we cause,” Sven yells between chants.

            The demon lunges at Alecto but a shot rings out from the back of the church. The demon spins around as the bullet hits its mark. The demon shrieks as the bullet hole in its left shoulder hisses and pops. Moreau walks toward the front of the church.

            “How much longer do you need Sven?” Moreau asks.

            “I still need some time. You have a plan?” Sven says between chants.

            “I’ve got something,” Moreau says walking out of the church.

            He comes back with an arm full of chains. He starts wrapping the chains around the demon and the broken pew. He locks the chain.

            “You think this can hold me?” The demon asks.

            “Well, the chains beings made from sanctified iron will help a lot,” Moreau says.

            The demon starts thrashing around against the chains as Sven starts chanting harder and faster. Its eyes start to roll back and starts to shriek until its voice becomes normal. All of the effects that the demon had caused on the possessed man’s body goes away as his voice returns to normal.

            “Umm, what’s going on? Why am I chained to something in a church? I’m really confused,” says the guy in a worried tone.

            Moreau goes over and unlocks the chain and picks it up. He helps the man up.

            “You were possessed. We helped get the demon out of you. You should probably go back home and start going to church more often. I don’t know the lasting effects of demonic possession,” Moreau says while ushering him out of the church.

            As the man is out of the doorway, Sven closes it.

            “You two should leave so I can clean up. Alecto, it was nice meeting you. Johann, try not to bring so much trouble next time. Please,” Sven says while ushering the pair outside.

            “Thanks for warning me about that. I probably would have been killed if not for you,” Moreau says while sticking a hand out to Alecto.

            “You’re right, and I couldn’t let a warrior for good die without trying to help,” Alecto says while shaking Moreau’s hand.


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