The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 5

“Chapter 21: The Pirate” almost feels like its where the disparate story threads of the season so far have started to come together. I don’t really know if all of them will come to fruition this season or if they’ll come into play in later seasons.

The story is mostly focused on the siege of Nevarro by Gorian Shard. We follow Carson Teva as he tries to get help after being contacted by Greef Karga. He interacts with Kane while on Coruscant. Carson finds the Mandalorian covert and asks Din to help his friend. Din convinces the others in the covert to help. They do break the siege of Nevarro and Shard dies in the process. The Armorer has Bo-Katan to remove her helmet and bring the other exiled Mandalorians into the fold, since they have land to settle on. The episode ends with Carson discovering Moff Gideon’s prison transport. Gideon is missing and there are trace amounts of beskar suggesting that Mandalorians broke him out.

I feel like this season of The Mandalorian is a lot of setup without too much pay off. I won’t know for sure until the season ends. I feel like I’m softening on the season as a whole as it goes on. I’m still not going to rank the episodes of this season because of how I felt about the opening of the season.


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