The Exorcist Season 1 Episodes 3 and 4

The two episodes of The Exorcist do a lot of world building. Episode two set up some intense stuff but these episodes expand upon what happened and give it a name as well as saying what it is used for. The conspiracy that’s forming in the background comes into clearer shape throughout both episodes.

“Chapter Three: Let ‘Em In” and “Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast” both move the different aspects of the story forward. The main things that happen involve Casey and how the possession is changing her. We also see more of the demon and how it interacts with Casey. Father Tomas is faced with several different issues that look to lead him astray from the Rance family. Marcus is faced with different issues, the main one is that has been excommunicated. The fourth episode ends with both Tomas and Marcus starting the exorcism of Casey.

These episodes have some great performances. One of my favorite things is how slowly the demon’s appearance changes over the course of the season. In episode four the appearance is the most unsettling yet, but I remember that it gets much more intense.

I think the worldbuilding throughout the series is what made me such a big fan of the series. It has only just started with how interesting the world is in the series.

I had thought that the fourth episodes ended with the major reveal that I remember changing everything about the series for me. I guess that it happens in one of the next couple of episodes. I guess it would be interesting for it to happen in the middle of the season. I give these two episodes 7.5 rosaries out of 10.

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