Scream VI

Spoilers in bound, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

I finally got to see Scream VI and I was thoroughly entertained by the majority of the movie. My only issue is the reveal of the killers. I don’t want to talk about the first, but it is something that I want to talk about. All of the character stuff throughout the movie are my favorite things about it.

Radio Silence got to play into their strengths with Scream VI. They got to work with the actors to play into the returning cast’s strengths. I went into the movie with high hopes after the previous movie hit me so hard. There were no emotional gut punches like there were with the death of Dewey, but there were moments that got to me.

Those moments were helped by the Core Four, which is one of the moments. Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Mason Gooding are all amazing. The coupling of Chad and Tara was a complete surprise to me but made perfect sense after it started. It was played perfectly by both Jenna Ortega and Mason Gooding. I think that the chemistry between Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding is so good. They feel like they are actually siblings, with Mindy being the more levelheaded one. That shows how great both of them are in these roles. The new characters played by Josh Segarra and Devyn Nekoda are great. The chemistry  between Savoy Brown and Nekoda made what happened even more tragic. The returning legacy cast members were a lot of fun. Seeing Gale and Kirby on screen together was something else.

I want to go ahead and say what my issues were with Scream VI. The fact that all of the killers were the family of Richie from Scream (2022). It felt like it was a needlessly convoluted connection. I felt myself groan when the reveal happened. That’s really the only problem I had, though I will say that Jack Champion and Jack Quaid look eerily similar.

The kills in Scream VI are brutal but I feel like they weren’t quite as brutal as the previous movie. The attacks seem to show the killers are more efficient and don’t want to play with their prey. The aged Ghostface masks look great, whoever made them did a great job. The effects for the movie look great. Brian Tyler and Sven Faulconer did a great job with the music for the movie.

Scream VI is another fun entry in the franchise. It being set at Halloween gave Radio Silence a chance to play during what seems to be their favorite time of the year. It also gave them a chance to have as many different horror movie references as possible, which could be a fun game to play. There was a little bit of an uproar about Neve Campbell not being in the movie, but I think the previous movie did a good job of shifting the focus from Sidney to Sam and Tara. There hasn’t been another sequel announced yet, but I imagine it won’t be long until something is announced. I give Scream VI 9 knives out of 10. [kofi]


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