The Last of Us Season 1 Finale

“Look for the Light” is an interesting episode. It wasn’t as emotionally devastating as I was expecting it to be. The story being told was fitting and was a good way to wrap everything up. The way the episode opened was an interesting choice, to go all the way back to when Ellie was being brought into the world was a choice. To show how she became immune wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting. When I first saw that Ashley Johnson was playing Ellie mother, I didn’t really think about how the character would be used. I just thought that it was fitting that she was playing Ellie’s mother.

The episode opens with Ellie’s birth. We see that her mother was attacked by an infected while she was giving birth, and that’s how she became infected and became immune. Ellie is distant when the story picks back up where it was. Joel and Ellie draw even closer, with Joel even telling Ellie the truth about his scar. The hospital massacre wasn’t done in the way I kind of expected it to be. There was a focus on the ugliness of the violence. The season ends similarly to the first video game with Joel doing the very parental thing of lying to protect their child, even though it will only damage their relationship more.

I think this was probably the best way that the season could have ended. Just because I didn’t feel like it had as big of an emotional gut punch as I had expected doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good episode. The performances were fantastic. I give “Look for the Light” 9 switchblades out of 10.

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