Warrior S2 Episodes 5 and 6


“Not for a Drink, a Fuck, or a Goddamn Prayer” and “To a Man with a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail” have some of the best fights of the season, if not the entire series. Both of the episodes also feature direct homages to Bruce Lee movies. One is more subtle and the other is most of the plot of the episode.

“Not for a Drink…” has the fallout from the ending of the previous episode. Penny learns the hard way about what Ah Sahm was doing with her factory. She’s informed of it because of the smell. Ah Toy and Nellie become close as Ah Toy visits the winery, and they possibly start a relationship. Chao and Li Yong work together to set Zing up for the murders that Ah Toy had been doing. The police raid the Fung Hai headquarters and arrest Zing. Ah Sahm and Young Jun, with Hong tagging along try to get the money to make up for the destroyed product, which is a throughline for the episode. They end up going to Rosalita about a tournament she had mentioned to Ah Sahm.

“To a Man with a Hammer…” is centered on the trio of Ah Sahm, Young Jun, and Hong going to Mexico with Rosalita for the tournament. Rosalita has her own motives for going to Rooker’s Mill, where the tournament is held. There are several fights and Ah Sahm wins every fight he’s in. This gets the promoter of the tournament’s attention. This is exactly what Rosalita had planned on happening. Rooker had killed her father and stole the land, and she was there to get revenge. The episode ends with Rosalita dead but the main trio getting the money they needed. They arrive back home with Father Jun having figured out that they were up to something.

These two episodes are great watches even if they don’t feel like they’re really moving the plot forward a great deal. They clear the way for what will happen in the last four episodes of the season. I give these two episodes 9.5 hatchets out of 10. [kofi]


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