Flash Point

I first learned of Flash Point because of the stuntmen react series on the Corridor Crew YouTube channel. They talked about the final fight and how hard hitting it was. They only talked about snippets of the fight and that didn’t properly prepare me for the final fight properly. I had also went into the movie expecting it to be fight heavy.

It was not a fight heavy action movie. There were several names that I recognized from my time covering the Ip Man series. They share a director in Wilson Yip. Flash Point was written by Szeto Kam-Yuen and Nicholl Tang. The movie is a fairly riveting crime movie that does drag on a little near the end, right before the finale.

Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Collin Chou, Lui Leung-wai, Fan Bingbing, and Xing Yu star. I had spent a good portion of the movie trying to figure out what I recognized Chou and Yu from. It was because they were both in movies that I had seen, with Yu having been in Ip Man. Both Yen and Koo have great chemistry, that works for their characters.

The stunts in Flash Point are great. There are a wide variety of stunts throughout, which are sometimes undermined by the shaky camera. It’s especially noticeable during the car scenes. The final fight is incredibly hard hitting, which gives it even more gravity. The fights have a more MMA feel rather than traditional martial arts. Chan Kwong-wing did a great job with the music.

Flash Point is a great Chinese action movie that manages to surprise with how the action is done. I was surprised when I saw the movie was on Peacock. As soon as I saw it was on the service I added it to my watchlist. I’m glad that I watched it, even with it feeling like it could have cut about five minutes. I give Flash Point 7.5 bottles of red wine out of 10.

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