Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine

After almost ten minutes of technical issues with the Shudder app I was finally able to start Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine. Thankfully I don’t think I missed too much of the opening. The main thing I missed was the introduction of the lucky couple that won the auction to be wedded by Joe Bob. The two movies ended up being Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge and Nekromantik.

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge was a first-time watch for me, even though I had been thinking about watching it for some time. It’s been on Shudder for a while, but I’d always found something else to watch before I got to it. There were fun skits with the couple with the groom playing off of John Brennan and the bride playing off of Felissa Rose. The skits usually played between the movie and the Joe Bob segments. The Joe Bob segments had the usually knowledge about the movie and its production. The mailbag fits right in with the wedding theme since its about mutants getting married.

The mid show trailers were for Attachment, which was added recently, and Daughters of Darkness. I think Daughter of Darkness was part of the original marathon.

Nekromantik was a first-time watch for me, and I think it will be a one and done for me. One thing that made the movie tolerable to me was the interviews with the bride and groom. The couple told personal stories and how they became a couple, which was a nice contrast to the movie. The Joe Bob segments, outside of the interviews, were about how the director of the movie wanted to be subversive. Not just because of the subject matter but with how violence was handled in the movie. The mailbag was done before the wedding, because you can’t really follow a wedding with anything, and it was a letter poking fun at Joe Bob and Texas. The wedding was emotional and heartwarming. It would have been impossible to properly follow it.

Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine had a lot of swings in it. It ending with a wedding makes this special a wholly singular experience. The movie selection really feels like something coincidental with how it ended. If you’ve seen any of recaps before you know that they always get 10 stars, but this would have gotten it even if it was just the wedding. So, I give Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine 10 stars out of 10.

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