The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episodes 7-9

These newest episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina offer some closure for what happened in the previous set of episodes. It also seems to set up the rest of the season. We get peeks at Grog, whose arc for this season was set up in episode two of the season, and how he and Pike became paired up.

“The Fey Realm” is mostly focused on the half of the party that was transported into the other realm.  I also saw what I could only describe as the combination of Falkor the luck dragon from The Never-ending Story and the Caterpuppy from House II. They also meet the satyr Garmelie, who is their guide through the Fey Realm. The other half of the team is still in Tal’dorei and Grog destroys the sword, which leaves him cursed and weakened.

The next episode “The Echo Tree” has the half in the Fey Realm dealing with the Elven city of Syngorn being in the realm and the fact that Vex and Vax’s father is in the city. That leads to them leaving the city angrily and going after the Fentras Bow. Vex kills the corrupted archfey that had possession of the vestige. They get teleported back to Tal’Dorei by Garmelie and that’s the last we see of them for this bundle of episodes. The other half of the party ended up and Pike’s grandfather’s house and Wilhand removes the corruption from Grog but he is still weakened.

“Test of Pride” is about Grog’s story arc for the season. We get to see young Grog and how he was exiled from his herd. Pike, Scanlan, and Grog go to Westruun. Scanlan scouts ahead and finds a group of survivors. The trio is reunited after Grog and Pike sneak into the city. Grog stays behind after seeing how scared the survivors were of him. The episode ends with Grog challenging his uncle, Kevdak, for leadership of the herd.

I think the season will end with the death of Umbrasyl, the black dragon, and Grog killing his uncle, not in that order. I think that Grog’s story will be like Percy’s story from the first season. The story arcs this season are great. I keep being surprised by the emotional beats that are hit throughout these episodes. I give these three episodes 9.5 trick arrowheads out of 10.

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