Sorry About the Demon

I knew absolutely nothing about Sorry About the Demon except it was produced by Paper Street Pictures and would be added to Shudder. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the movie that you have to go into the movie blind, because it wouldn’t spoil everything about it. I found myself enjoying the movie more as it went along.

I have a soft spot for romantic comedies and Sorry About the Demon is structurally a romantic comedy. It happens to take place in a haunted house/possession movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of romantic comedy and haunted house, which works incredibly well. It never ceases to amaze me how well horror and romantic comedy mix. I knew the writer and director Emily Hagins had a great grasp on both horror and comedy because of her work on the first Scare Package movie. Her combination in Sorry About the Demon shows how great she is at combining genres.

Jon Michael Simpson makes for a great sad sack romantic lead, which lends itself to romantic comedy aspects of the movie. His continued rejection by not only his ex but the haunting presence makes him even more of the sad sack. Jeff McQuitty and Olivia Ducayen play fun characters the play off of Simpson’s performance in the movie. Paige Evans, Dave Peniuk, Sarah Cleveland, Presley Allard, Jude Zappala, and Tony Vespe have great supporting performances.

The effects used for the possessed are subtle but incredibly effective. They are augmented by visual effects, which are done perfectly. All of the effects amplify the story in a way that adds an extra oomph, like the perfect musical sting. The set and costume designers did a great job of letting us get hints from the sets and costumes. The music by Jeremy William Smith is fantastic. Smith is even able to turn “The Entertainer” into something creepy and almost sinister, which was wholly unexpected.

Sorry About the Demon is a fun mixture of romantic comedy and haunted house movie that I wasn’t expecting. This is the first Shudder Original that I’ve seen this year and I don’t know if I could have enjoyed it more. I hope more people discover the movie and enjoy it the longer that its on Shudder. I give Sorry About the Demon 8 cakes out of 10.

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