John Wick: Chapter 2

I had been meaning to come back and reevaluate John Wick: Chapter 2 because when I first watched it I didn’t enjoy it. I felt like there was something missing, and it just felt different. That reaction led to a conversation with a friend where he said that it was a good movie if you were a gun person, which blew my mind because that’s not how movies work. That being said upon my rewatching of the movie, I might have been too harsh when I first saw it.

I still feel like there’s something missing from this movie that was in the first one. It has the same quality production that was in the previous movie, but it might be the increased budget. The increased budget could be the disconnect for me between these two movies. The worldbuilding continues throughout John Wick 2, and it adds more aspects to the world that makes it even more interesting.

The new characters add to the world and what we didn’t see in the first movie. The returning characters don’t really do much for the story except for Winston. He gets to have a bit more to do in this movie than he did in the first. The introduction of Santino D’Antonio as antagonist brings John Wick back into the fold and lets the audience into the bigger world. We get an even match for John Wick in Cassian, which leads to some fun clashes between the two. The Bowery King adds a layer to the new aspects of the world introduced in this movie.

There seemed to be a switch to more of a focus on gunplay. This is felt in the first half of the movie with it switching to close quarters gunplay in the second half. The focus on gunplay seemed to be in contrast to the more personal aspects of the story. The costume designer did a great job making the characters feel a bit more European, which fits with the more worldly aspects of the movie. The music by the returning Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard adds an extra bit of flair to the movie.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is a good sequel to a great action movie that broadens the world but still feels like something is missing from the first movie. I’m actually happy that my reaction to this movie was more positive than it was initially. I still feel like there’s something missing but it doesn’t take as much away from it as I previously thought. I might take a week or so before I watch the third movie and finish up my rewatch of the whole series. You can stream all three movies on HBO Max. I give John Wick: Chapter 2 7.5 gold coins out of 10.

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