Warrior Episode 2

“There’s No China in the Bible” is the second episode of Warrior and it shows how the world works for those in it. We see how devious Mai Ling and Buckley are, and how they’re working their separate sides. We see how naïve Ah Sahm is to the world he is in now and how that naivety gets him into trouble. We also see how different officers O’Hara and Lee are in their approach to police work. With Bill not caring about what actually happened while Lee is much more investigative.

The fights in the episode are quality, which is a good throughline for the entire series. The effects are great, with the gore effects being highly effective for the violence. Everything in the show works together to make is so effective.

Going forward I’ll be doing two episodes per review rather than one. That way I can get through the show faster while still taking my time with it. “There’s No China in the Bible” sets up one of the most important relationships in the whole series. There doesn’t seem to have too much in the terms of story but it sets up a lot for the rest of the season and series. I give “There’s No China in the Bible” 7.5 lacey gloves out of 10.

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